The importance of being responsible

Everywhere in the world there are people doing what they can, according with their possibilities, to transform reality and build a better world. On the other hand, there are the ones that spend time complaining and expecting changes without taking their part of responsibility in count. After all, we all want to sane the planets problems, but we are the ones that create them as well.

That’s why people should be aware about what they can do to make impact in realty. It does not to have a big thing, a big act. It does not involve dispending money, it involves disposal to do what it is possible to do in personal circumstances. In other words, we can always do better in our quotidian.

We can, for instance, transform ourselves in conscious consumers. It is an incoherent act to fight against child and unfair working conditions and job exploitation and consume cloths that were produced under those conditions. We can verify the provenience of the food we buy, as well. We also can exercise indulgence we can try to be more perceivable about the problems that affect people and other countries, we can reflect about and control our misjudgments after complain about the rise of intolerance and violence. Sometimes we think that those issues are always about the others, but consciously or unconsciously, we carry a lot of contradictions too. We can exercise kindness.

It seems a naïve speech. But the core idea is that every big transformation starts in individuals. We can’t just complain about the atrocities, injustices of the world if we are not changing our attitude related to world, in other words, to make a better world we all need to be better people and behave like responsible individuals which attitudes impact in the world and in other lives.

We must be like those people who don’t wait for a solution from governments, those that were mentioned in this article beginning, we must act like them. Once everyone does the part that is responsible of, the way for a sane planet will be paved.



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