The heart of Brazil

When we talk about Brazilian nature, usually, we remember the Rain Forest, Amazônia or the beautiful beaches of Brazilian coast. They are, indeed, part of the concerns of Brazilian and foreigner environmentalists who struggle for the protection of those environments.

But in the centre of Brazilian territory, the heart of Brazil, an environment that also sustains Brazilian biodiversity, is getting close to extinction.

Cerrado, as it calls, is an environment where most of the water fountains of the main rivers of Brazil are raised. It occupies around 20% of Brazilian territory and contains a harmonious animal and vegetable diversity. The main characteristics of this biome are: the trees are short and crooked, the roots are deep, the rind of the trees are resistant and thick, the soil is sandy and the weather alternates between rainy and dry periods. The biome is very old, and its diversity can be useful for alimentation and medicine, something that recently is being properly and sustainably explored. It also suffers, in some periods of the year, with spontaneous burnings, provoked by the dry weather or even criminal burnings provoked by some people to prepare the soil for planting.

Unfortunately, such rich biome is being destroyed by agriculture and cattle breeding expansion. There are some areas that are under protection, but this is not enough to obstruct the devastation. The Brazilian Government has initiatives of protection but the question involves, on the other hand, the act of having idea about the question, of having the knowledge of what is happening in Cerrado, why is it so important and why we, as citizens of the world, should be concerned about it and put more effort in its preservation.

It’s important to Brazilian people and to the international community to pay attention to this issue. The biome nurtures not just the region where it exists but also the Rain Forest and others drainage basins of Brazil, like the Basin of Tocantins, the São Francisco Basin and Prata Basin. Most of the Amazon rivers are born in Cerrado, forming the Amazon Basin providing water for Brazil and Latin America. So, if we protect this biome the way we should, we will be, at the same time, preserving the Amazon and others biomes and, consequently, contributing with a sustainable and balanced world.


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