Sustainability behind the red carpet at the Oscars



Many people do not know, but the biggest party of the film industry is very ecological. Over the past seven years, the various Oscar organizers have adopted solutions that help reduce the ecological damage of the ceremony. The main ideal is to hold an awesome party and cause no harm to the environment. The team’s work is intense, and goes unnoticed in the eyes of almost one billion viewers. Who watches the TV or live not realize how much this job is perfect. Experts and scientists from NGOs, a culturally influential organization to adopt green practices, such as the Academy Awards, wins benefits in triple dose.

Initially, only green products are purchased and hired intelligent services, generating direct environmental gains for the party and everyone involved. Then, to disclose your sustainable actions, says the event for fans to be greener is an important part of how these organizations do business. And finally, they send a message to companies that sustainability is a necessity. Since 2007, the company advises Hershkowitz Oscar organizers on the adoption of sustainable strategies for the party.

Already in energy, the Oscar consumes a lot of electricity. Therefore, the organization turned to renewable sources for electricity supply over the two weeks of preparation, testing and assembly of scenery. And energy is still needed for the event. And where does all this energy? All demand was guaranteed by various sources such as hydrogen fuel cells, biofuel-powered generators and wind power. Programming inserts, envelopes and invitations are printed on certified paper. And the banquet had food produced by farmers in the region, having sustainable seafood certification.

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