Sex in the Golden Age: why it still a taboo?

The series “Grace and Frankie”, produced in 2015 by the American channel Netflix, brought up an issue considered a taboo: people in the Golden Age have sex! Why, then, we ignore this fact and avoid to talk about it? If you do not have more than 60 years, I hope one day you will get there. You can be sure that the fun is guaranteed.

Grace and Frankie main actresses

Grace and Frankie

In sum, the series tells the story of two women aged seventy who divorce their husbands. I will not give more details to avoid spoilers (misplaced revelations of important facts about series and movies that can spoil the viewer’s experience). Filled with humor and drama, the series shows the invisibility of the elderly in a society that values only the youth, it proves that it is never too late to start a new life, and, to scandalize the spectators, show that the elders never lose their sexuality. Among the forms encountered by producers to address this issue, the highlight is the iconic episode about the homemade yams lubricant.

Talking about sex

Homemade yams lubricant

Due to menopause, it is estimated that between 40% and 60% of women lose vaginal moisture, symptom clinically defined clinically as vaginal dryness, and also suffer from reduced libido. It causes not only physical discomfort in the sexual act, but also affects the emotional of the women. The medical explanation is the reducing production of hormones, such as estrogen, which also leads to changes in vagina’s pH and even vaginal atrophy.

However, any gynecologist can explain it better. Leaving aside the cold medical discourse, all is not lost. As Grace and Frankie never cease to show, the sex life can last throughout our lives. First of all, do not let what others say or common sense affect you. Women are beautiful at any age, choose what make you fell good and take care of yourself to yourself. Furthermore, some basic habits can help: drink plenty of water and eat well. In fact, evereyone should do this.

Elderly couple

Love at all ages

The products offered on the market, on the other hand, are necessary requirements to keep the pleasure in the sexual act. In addition to the lubricants used during intercourse, vaginal moisturizers and alternative medicines can help. Whenever possible, choose natural products, the less preservatives the better. This also applies to all women. If you feel the need, look for hormone replacement treatments or vaginal estrogen therapy, applied directly to the vagina. However, you can be happy because the most important is to keep an active sexual life, the vaginal health depends on it.

Elder holding a condom

Age is not a condom

However, it is worth remembering that the care in the act still the same. You may have already passed menopause and have no fear of getting pregnant every month, meanwhile, use condoms is essential. Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) do not choose age, you need to keep the same care to avoid undesirable contingencies.

In short, does not matter what anyone will say or will think. Everyone deserve to be happy regardless of age. Happiness is not a synonymous of sex, but, if you want it, it can always be pleasant.

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